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Miscarriage, Abortions and Stillbirth

Miscarriages happen between 10% – 25% of all pregnancies. As common as it may sound, losing a baby in a miscarriage, stillborn, or abortion is a stressful experience on a women’s mental, emotional and physical state. So how do you take care of yourself after such traumatic events?

Women who went through this ordeal have shared their painful experiences, not only with the feeling of loss and grief but also the physical bodily pain. This includes cramping (menstrual cramps or contractions), backaches, soreness, and breast engorgement, among other common after-birth symptoms. 

It is unfortunate where we are in the US right now where miscarriage is looked upon as sickness requiring you to take sick leave. I personally believe any women who have gone through pregnancy deserve rest- regardless of whether you have a live birth or otherwise. The body has gone through the pregnancy process and deserves a healing period to recover and recuperate.

Let me help you restore your body your hormones and restore your fertility as you navigate through your loss. I have helped thousands of women just like you, and this program of treatments I create is specifically customized according to the different stages of pregnancy.

In summary, my care after loss treatment for miscarriage, abortion, and stillbirth can help you to:

  • Clear out any pregnancy tissues and blood left behind after your miscarriage/ abortions / stillborn
  • Treat your bodily pains, including cramps, backaches, body aches & muscle stiffness
  • Reposition your womb back into its original position
  • Balance your hormones and regulate your menstrual cycle
  • Restore our fertility by improving reproductive health
  • Reduce cortisol level, stress hormones and prevents depression

I understand there are few, if any, services to offer care after loss. I have limited slots for services, but to whomever, I manage to serve and help, I will be honored.

With Love & Light,


salwa salim


How Can We Help?

Loss After Birth Treatment


womb massage

This unique womb massage or rather a womb repositioning technique is part of the Malay after birth tradition to guide the womb back into its original position inside the pelvic bowl. Any old stale blood and tissues that has been left behind by the pregnancy will be expelled out of your body so you may recover and have a healthy regular menstrual cycle, and restore your fertility.

Heat Compress

womb massage d.c

For heat to reach deep between the tissues onto the womb, a hot compress is used. This hot compressed is heated up and then pressed directly over the womb. This actions aid the release of toxins, expelling gas to prevent bloating in the abdomen and break down the blood clots to clear the womb lining. This as an essential post pregnancy treatment for cleansing and shrinking the womb.

Herbal Treatment

abdominal binding

The special blend of herbs that is grounded and made into a paste will be applied over the abdomen. This century-old formula is used after birth to help warm up the abdomen to speed up recovery, tighten the skin, reduce lines and stretch marks. It is left on the abdominal area so it can be absorbed deep into the pores for maximum effect. It also helps relieve the feeling of of bloatedness and help to shrink your womb.


womb heat therapy

Humans need touch, and touch is an important aspect of healing. We will start by rubbing hot oil gently all over the body. We do not work your muscles and joints like massage, but gently rubbing hot oil all over your body to provide soothing, calming and relaxing strokes while the oil works to warm your body. Then we use a set of heated herbal ball all over your body where the heat the heat, oils and aroma will reduce pain, tension and relax your body. 


Warm baths have been proven to improve health and vitality and invoke calmness and relaxation. The herbs in the bath has properties to help you reenergize your tired and fatigued body, reduce anxiety and depression, remove body odor, and have healing properties to relieve pains and aches, while the affirmations we guide you can help center you as you wash away any negative thoughts.


The most neglected area after a loss is the breast. By the second and third trimester, the breast starts producing milk. Without proper drainage, the duct in the breast can get blocked causing pain. This can further lead to soreness and engorgement. We will gently massage the breast area and apply heat to help with minimal drainage and relive pain and carefully to not overstimulate.

Hot Compress

The most neglected area for care during miscarriage is the breast. By second or third trimester, milk has already start producing, but without proper drainage, it can lead to blockages and pain, which may further lead to soreness and engorgement. We will gently massage the breast area and apply heat to help drain some milk and relive pain, but not overstimulate.

Vaginal Steam

vagina steam

The perineum vaginal steam is an old traditional remedy that has been proven to brings comport, and heal the perineum and vaginal area. The herbs infused in the steam helps with loosening of mucus which assists the womb in getting rid of the lochia, old blood and excess vaginal discharge. The herbs also have medicinal properties to help heal the vaginal wall,  and reduce any itch, smell and swelling in the perineum area.

Belly Binding

abdominal binding

Bengkung belly binding is the secret to healing and slimming afterbirth. There are many health benefits from providing pelvic support, back support, womb and bladder support, improving posture, heal diastasis recti, and reducing postpartum symptoms and complications. At the same time, it helps reshape your body, flatten your tummy, and slimming down after birth.

Post Pregnancy Care Services
Miscarriage / Abortion / Stillborn

DMV Metro Area

1st Trimester
60mins | $195


  • Womb Massage
  • Womb Hot Compress
  • Womb Herbal Treatment
  • Herbal Bath Preparation
  • Perineum-Vaginal Steaming

Suitable For: 

  • Natural Miscarriages
  • Medical Abortion
  • First Trimester Surgical Abortion

2nd Trimester
90mins | $265


  • Womb Massage
  • Womb Hot Compress
  • Womb Herbal Treatment
  • Body Heat Compress
  • Herbal Bath Preparation
  • Body Scrub Preparation
  • Perineum-Vaginal Steaming

Suitable For: 

  • Natural Miscarriages
  • Second Trimester Surgical Abortion

3rd Tri
120 mins | $385


  • Womb Massage
  • Womb Hot Compress
  • Womb Herbal Treatment
  • Body Hot Compress
  • Breast Massage
  • Breast Hot Compress
  • Herbal Bath Preparation
  • Body Scrub Preparation
  • Perineum-Vaginal Steaming
  • Bengkung Belly Binding

Suitable For: 

  • Stillborn


  • All sessions are done in your home or choice of location
  • Fees are inclusive of 15miles or 30 mins drive of Springfield, VA 22153
  • Area of service is limited to 50 miles or 1-hour drive of Springfield, VA 22153
  • All necessary items, equipment and tools will be brought to your home for your convenience
  • Once you submit a request, we will send you an email based on our availability. To confirm your booking, there is a non-refundable deposit of $150.
  • Booking is based on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • For service requests outside of the DMV metro area within US, click here
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· Testimonials ·

This is my third baby but my first experience with bengkung belly binding. I am amazed at how fast my tummy has reduced in size in such a short time. It definitely helps me slim down a lot quicker than my first two pregnancies. The whole experience was wonderful, relaxing and I feel a warm sense of calmness which I look forward to every morning with my practitioner. My postpartum abdominal cramps significantly reduced and I can’t recommend it enough to everyone if they have a chance to have such an amazing healing experience.

Sinéad Lyons

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